President Trump


08:41, Europe at a tipping point


This is a vote against the system, systems that is. They shall be dismantled. It is a vote against Washington and the establishment, against the media and even a conservative vote against the republicans as they have been, but moreover this vote is against Mexico and the Nafta, against TTIP, against UN and NATO, against Europe.

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It is no declaration of war, but it is a historical decision to change role and position of the USA in the world. What is Trump going to do? We don't know, and that's a mess. But as far as we read him during the election process, he is no friend of ours, Europe that is.

The show ... will go on.

This is a defining moment for Europe and for Germany. It seems to me, that no other country is able to head the (re-)uniting process of Europes foreign policies. Having said that, there seems to be no alternative to #AngelaMerkel and the very question now is, what coalition she's might going to lead.

Reflecting Germanys political personal I see no other voice and character that might influence the german-european agenda in the right direction than #ChristianLindner. Though speaking out confident, clearly and convincing, he took a modesty and humble role (which was the right way to handle the problems of his party). To have a chance to come back to Berlin he needs to change his attitude.