The legacy of Steve Jobs

sharp thinking

why Tim Cook was the right choice


I stopped reading HBR years ago, because I missed this kind of sharp thinking.

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One thought is missing, though. Jony Ivy was meant to be the innovative counterpart to Tim Cook, and he was given all the resources wanted (not just those needed ...). And was forced to be a product manager, too (when he became responsible for software as well).

The article suggests, that there might be a better choice than installing an executor as the successor to a genius. I doubt that.

Apples history was a nightmare of board decisions, before Steve Jobs returned. And that was a situation, when Apple was heading towards Chap 11. Jobs learned that lesson. In my view, Tim Cook is the only exit strategy for a Steve Jobs, to secure his legacy. No board or company will ever hire "a genius", unless the company is in a mess.